Black Ops 3 Call of Duty in Canada Review

Out of all the first-person games today, Call of Duty is perhaps one of the most influential game that has withstood time and continuously innovates itself, pushing its qualities and features to exceed its boundaries in order to cater to countless gamers throughout the globe while satiating their intricate palate for thrill and excitement. With its latest addition, the Black Ops 3, the Call of Duty in Canada has again experienced serious booms in popularity, making it yet another big part and contributor to the ever-improving eSports Sector worldwide.

The game has indeed come a long way from its predecessors and has now inculcated even sci-fi motives in their ingredients. This innovative approach has made Call of Duty in Canada even more popular than ever as they've done a sleek implication of the idea to their game. There are also countless reviewers out there that claimed that the game's embrace to its sci-fi side has indeed opened new doors to the game that players would have never imagined. Its thrilling, unique and exciting new features conceive more ways of enjoying the game, which only indicates that COD has done the right thing on their movement.

The most peculiar and unique idea that surrounds the game is the DNI tech or the Direct Neural Interface. This tech was what gave birth to new and unique combat abilities for players as it allows individuals and humans to have mental connection and interaction with people, weapons and even computers. Such psychic ability is definitely oozing with sci-fi idea and gamers have definitely bought and accepted it warmly.

You'll be welcomed with more cool enemies than ever like robots and even zombies in the unique zombie mode of the game. With the psychic ability, you can even control other people or machines to do your destructive bids. This kind of innovative approach not only opens new doors for powers, but also for strategies and difficulty. We can only expect that in the future, more and more unique and unbelievable features and innovation will truly redefine this legendary game even more. Specs and features wise, this game is the best among the lot, but it's not the peak in terms of entire characteristics.