EA Sports Canada: The Biggest EA Studio

The Electronic Arts company also known as EA sports, is one of the most long-standing and most influential company in the world of waging today that has spread out across the whole globe, with studios that are placed on different countries. One of their oldest and biggest studios ever created is the EA Sports Canada which has been the place for many historic developments and events that have contributed a lot in molding the gaming industry to the way we know it today.

The EA Sports Canada, like its parent company, is a developer company of video games that's based on the British Columbia, in the city of Burnaby. It has been developed and standing on the city for decades now since its establishment on the year 1983, month of January. With its size, rich history and reputation of being the oldest studio ever on the arsenal of EA Sports, it is only understandable that it also has the most employment of people that totals up to 1,300. It also flaunts the biggest operation of video game testing and development that far surpasses any other studios of EA Sports or other companies out there.

The Distinctive Software acquired this branch and named it to EA Sports Canada and from then on, it has been recorded to be a huge contributor in developing countless sports and racing games throughout the globe which you may have played as well. The game it produced run under the brand name, Accolade. This EA Canada was also the one who was first responsible in handling the Black Box acquired by the company in 2002. However, it became independent after three years and was the one that caused the Need For Speed revolution.

Since the EA Canada is the biggest out of all the studios of Electronic Arts, it is also expected that they also have one of the most awe-inspiring facilities there is on the company. They boast a spacious and grand motion-picture studio, production studios, quality-assurance department, a wing for composition of audio, multiple editing suites for videos along with rooms for composing. Aside from these, there are also miscellaneous facilities that are beneficial for employees.