The Most Popular Poker Games To Play Today

With how popular online poker is, you'll find numerous sites wherein you could play its plethora of variants. You could play pokies in typical online casinos, poker rooms and even some Sportsbook have options for this game as well. Not to mention, you'll find numerous tournaments you could join like the World Series of Poker and more, leaving you with many opportunities to test your limits and vie for life-changing jackpots. Before you step into that league however and enjoy the massive opportunity brought by this market, let introduce you to the different best poker games today.

By far the most popular poker game in the world at the moment is Texas hold'em. As you'd guess, it originated in Texas and soon spread throughout the world when Texas brought the game to Las Vegas in 1967. However, there really are a large variety of games with a few other popular options being Omaha, 7 card stud, 2-7 triple draw and Chinese poker. If you fancy a game, head on over to pokerdealsforum to find the top poker sites - whether you want to play for real or free.

Play Texas Hold'Em

If you're planning to join the mainstream Online poker market and try major events like WSOP and others, Texas Hold'em is the variant that should be on your arsenal. This popular game is the most commonly used variant in tournaments and other live events, making it critical for you to understand how it works. Fortunately, learning the game would be a cinch but, mastering it is a different topic. With two hole cards, five community cards and five betting rounds, players are challenged to make the best five-card hand possible and whoever is successful in doing so, will be the winner of the game. Play Texas Hold'em poker now by claiming a bonus from the site. You can also check out other poker variants, including online live poker rooms.

Play Omaha Hi

With mechanics that are highly similar to Texas Hold'em, this game is on the favorite's list of many wagers. It works similarly with five betting rounds and the usage of community cards along with four hole cards instead of the Texas Hold'em's two hole cards. Although four hole cards are dealt, players should not be confused as only two hole cards are required to be used.

Play Omaha Hi/Lo

The rules of this game requires no further explanation as it is simply a branch from the Omaha Hi. What's noteworthy about this is that the winner isn't only the one with the highest hand but, also the one with the lowest.

Play Seven Card Stud

Before Texas Hold'em or Omaha even came into the scene, Seven Card Stud has the throne of this market. The straightforward way of playing it with its four up cards and three down cards, made it a game where skills, memory and strategy can shift the balance to your sides.

Play Razz

Played with the mechanics and rules of Seven Card Stud, Razz is a game that's easy to learn to play. What makes it different? Players win if they have the worst hand instead of the best hand, leaving players with a unique experience compared to typical Online Poker variants.