The Push For Pro Gaming Canada Fun Started In 2007 - Here's How!

One normally associates video games with leisure, however the announcement of a special new video game league back in 2007 still gets enthusiasts thinking. That is thinking about developing and turning their skills into a handsome financial asset in more ways than one, by getting involved in what's become a pro gaming Canada tournament bonanza!

The creation of what's become a highly popular eSport league means that these pro gaming Canada tournaments keep the 5 star action firmly placed within Canadian borders, without contestants needing to turn professional in the US, for their claim to fame.

When it was first announced, it was met with great enthusiasm by professional video game player Nelson Triana who told CTV's Canada AM, how there was no need now to travel south of the border to the States for him to compete against the best. Now he could just stay at home and focus on competing against Canadian opposition, at the same time honing his skills.

At the time, Triana from Ottawa was respected as one of the top pros in Canada. He ranked number two globally for the game of Halo, and was Canada's number one. He said many top gamers have agents and can make a cool quarter of a million dollars from sponsorship deals, plus they have the chance to win a small fortune in winnings as well, being revered by their fans and treated as stars wherever they go!

The initial inaugural Canadian event stirred up plenty of interest amongst those who already spent most of their time playing games. Now there was an opportunity for them to get paid for their favorite pastime, and become part of what's become a pro gaming Canada celebration.

The top prize was around $50,000 and it all kicked off in fine style, at the time allowing enthusiasts the opportunity to polish up their skills enough to make a mighty impact.

Ever fancied the thought of being a top gamer? There's now many top prizes for this eSport that's gained in popularity, and no doubt there are still potential stars that have yet to be discovered. Think you've got what it takes? Now there's a chance to prove it!