The Grand Game Tournaments in Canada

You know that the eSports sector in Canada is undoubtedly bustling and robust just from observing their grandiose game tournaments Canada where the most major one is the Canada Cup that's definitely awaited not just by Canadian players, but by all avid gamers around the globe. This annual gaming tournament may have not been on the industry for decades yet, but in its years of celebration has proven it to be a great influence and contributor to the improvement of status of the eSports sector in Canada and its cities and provinces.

Just last year, 2015, the Canada Cup has even commemorated their outstanding five years through a unique Master Series that undeniably presented a heated and exhilarating battle between professional gamers that have already proven themselves to be at the top through the past game tournaments Canada that were held. The pool of prize for the said event was a staggering $20,000 where $10,000 was given to the master or champion of the competition. This just goes to show just how much improvement the eSports sectors have experienced in the recent years.

This year, the game tournaments Canada or the Canada Cup took another step forward by catering once again to the one of the densest city in their country from the West Coast - Vancouver. The stunning event was held from March 13 up to 15 where the winners will be able to grab the opportunity to fly to Ontario for the Annual Canada Cup this year, 2016.

Specifically, the one who'll reach the pinnacle within the 'Street Fighter V', will be the one to be seeded on the Toronto Cup that will be held somewhere in October wherein he will also be seeded in the mentioned tournament. There are also exhibition games that will be between professional gamers from revered teams, making the tournament even more exciting to watch for spectators. Other games will also be featured in the tournaments to be held in Canada and its unrelenting improvements makes it evident that it will grow even more outstanding in the years to come. If you're an avid gamer as well, this is truly the competition where you'll have the chance to shine.